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Modern and simple Mehndi design 2021

The skill of Henna Mehndi design has been very common in Asian Countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, The other name of Henna design is beautiful Mehndi design which is very popular in women as well as small baby girls, another reason to use Mehndi in hotter areas for cooling affect and people use to apply Mehndi even on foot to cooling the body. Mehndi design is now an aspect of happiness in a lot of some religion around the world and girls may apply henna Mehndi design or mahndi on hand at some celebrations like any occasion, or married function, birthday party, Islamic festival or even she like to apply many Mehndi design usually to make their husband happy and it's a symbol of happiness everyone's lives. Many western countries women also like that now a days and she like to apply Mehndi design on her hands and Mehndi design legs and modern  Mehndi design come in various form like white Mehndi or tattooed Mehndi mostly youngster like it and ap
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Visit to naraan kaghan valley

I have visited to Naran, kaghan valley, Naran valley is basically a high mountains and have a green forest and enjoy the reality of Nature and praise to ALLAH who makes what a beautiful things created for us and Al-Quran says; “He it is Who has stretched out the earth and has placed in it firm mountains and has caused the rivers to flow. He has made every fruit in pairs, two and two, and He it is who causes the night to cover the day. Definitely there are signs in these for those who consider” There is biggest mountain surrounded by Naran and weather of Naran is very pleasant in sun light and suddenly some time changed dramatically, so you have to take some warm clothes to wear. The amazing thing is that you will find two sides, one side was a mountain and other side was a river called Kunhaar. The water of Kunhaar was very cold even you cannot touch the water for a few minutes. The visitors, I watched the people who was eating mango after keep direct in colder

Visit to village ShamKot

When we compare to City from village, we realize that the Pakistani village houses is an extremely beautiful place. After living years of tensed life in the city, everyone wants to take a break to relax their mind and one of the ideal and best places to keep relaxes body in any royal village. My wife belongs from a village and I go there mostly 2 times in a year. Last year, I have a chanced to visit royal village Shamkot. It is almost two hours journey from Lahore and I stayed there with my brother in law for two days and it was an awesome journey. The Shamkot village located around 112 km ahead from Lahore. We left Lahore and reached there early morning, the morning scene of a village is actually a great experience to memorize and sun is shining and sun is looking a golden rubber ball and valley village weather is awesome. In the village, people getting too early and busy their routine work. In the morning I went to a walk and observed that the scenic beauty of the fantasy

Visit to village Moza Bahanay The Memorable Moments

The beautiful village of Pakistan, which I have visited and this village is exist 100 kilo meter from Multan city and finally place which we have plan to go was moza bahanay, So I have decided to planed firstly Lahore to Multan and start journey at night from Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3 and its destination is round 348 Km from Lahore and its located at Southern side of Punjab, Multan city has some great history and peoples live there have attracted the sufi saints . So, Multan have many famous and memorable places. when we have entered in Multan city, We have seen the roads is very smooth and watched many small and big towns around our way and We stayed here and have taken tea with biscuit and relax body for 30 minutes, We have seen big hustle and bustle in this city. The final destination of our plan was village moza bahanay, So, We have not stayed for a long in Multan and start journey to our final destination and reached finally at our final destination at early morning. A mor