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Welcome to the internet in exciting world

The internet is a network of computers, while the World Wide Web is a bridge for accessing and sharing information across the world. Most of us cannot believe that life is nothing without access to the internet for collecting information. The initial website formed was and it is still online. It’s a basic HTML site, and the page contains a few lines of content. I will tell you what is internet, about history of internet and many other exciting things that welcome to the internet in our life that you must to know and recommended daily dose of internet in present time. welcome to the internet I'll be your guide about some most exciting internet facts that you really love to hear and feel superb in your life.


Internet historian

a) The internet historian is currently rounded 33 years old but actually born in a period since 1992 to 1998. If you want to keep an exact track of the counter, you have access to free information anywhere and everywhere through a softpedia internet browsers and many other search engine available on internet to get most authentic information.

b) Approximately a vast population of people still has not at all used internet in which including 9 Million people in Britain and 1/3 in Italians have never used the internet.


Worldwide emails users

The reality about email is that 81% of all emails are spam which is daily sent using email automated system. That is a huge, round 200 billion spam emails every day and round 2.9 billion worldwide email users and increase ratio especially in pandemic period.


Daily dose of internet

a) Around more than 5 billion peoples use the internet in their daily life and mostly search internet service near me and get fast speedy internet services. Out of this, 989 million had accessed in china. In fact, it is predictable that around 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google explore would have to wait for a day if the internet disconnect every hours.

b) China has arranged camps for welcome to the internet addicts and users used internet in China are between the ages of 15 and 35 and some people search nicest place on the internet beauty to make mind fresh and healthy but presently people get more search about free internet porn that is ultimately affects our youngster health and more diseases coming that never happened in the past, so it must be use normal and limited uses that’s enough internet for today.


Hackers and anti hacker

More than 2244 time blogs are hacked in every 39 second. Some highly sensible computer software is used by cyber criminals to automatically detect vulnerable sites which can be hacked simply but securities companies can be helpful in online to make anti hacker and provide out class security services.


First webcam:

The First webcam was formed at the University Of Cambridge to keep an eye on the Trojan horse. Internet sends around 204 million emails per minute and 70% of all the emails sent are spam.

Broadband internet:

In 2005, the broadband internet had an utmost speed of 2 Megabits per second. Now speed has increased from 10Mbps to 100Mbps download are available in many parts of the world.


Social media experimentation

The more internet traffic is not generated by humans, According to a recent study about 2/3 of all the website samrush traffic is caused by Internet bots. Around £1.7 trillion worth of funds is exhausted online. If you ever counted the hours you were online, you would absolutely freak out.7- The first tweet was done by Jack Dorsey (March, 2006) and the first YouTube video to be uploaded by Jawed Karim (April, 2005) and face book was launched in September 2006 for everyone.

Here are seven people assigned to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who grip seven different keys. In case of any tragedy, these seven people can meet again and restore the state of the Internet.

If you have any issue or problem related post, comments below to shares your experience. Your comments/suggestion is always welcome for us to improvement.

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